Feb-March discount. 2016. February 10 2016

Throughout February & March it's 25% off everything in the Tees & Merch collection. Enter the code FEBMAR25 when prompted. The fixed rate postage has also been reduced worldwide. You're most welcome. PWEI x

Last remaining Anti Nasty League orders August 10 2015

If you haven't got your Anti Nasty order through yet, don't panic! Unfortunately there was a glitch in the shop's system that didn't recognise a character of the Norwegian alphabet, honest!! So a hundred or so remaining orders failed to go through to our fulfilment centre. They have now been sent through & although you may have got a notification saying your product was shipped today, the orders didn't show...

Final piece of the jigsaw. August 03 2015

From the pressing plant: "Your consignment of Anti Nasty League clamshell units is scheduled for delivery (to the fulfilment centre) on 4/8/15". Hopefully this means everyone will receive their orders by the end of the week, depending on how busy the fulfilment centre is, of course. Happy days and thank you!! PWEI x

Box version and vinyl latest. July 25 2015

From the pressing plant: "We’re looking to get the clamshell shipped on 31/7/15 which would give delivery (to the fulfilment centre) on 4/8/15. The LP order is looking to ship on 27/7 for delivery (to the fulfilment centre) on 30/7". PWEI x

Je Suis Crabbi CDx2 July 22 2015

Je Suis Crabbi CDx2 sleeves are all signed & off to the fulfilment centre, ready to be sent out. Crabbi x

CD Box version July 17 2015

Latest from the presssing plant: "Re: CD Box version - we’re commencing with the main run. The other two CD orders (single & double) have been dispatched (to fulfilment centre) already".

CD2 latest July 15 2015

From the CD/vinyl pressing plant: "RUMJOINT0005CD2 will be delivered to fulfilment centre on 20/7/15. I will confirm the ETA for RUMJOINT0005CD3 and RUMJOINT0005LP shortly".

Update 14/7/15 July 14 2015

Initial consignment is scheduled for delivery to fulfilment company on 16/7/15. First CDs should be delivered to customers early next week. CD2, CD3 & vinyl to follow. PWEI x

First CDs imminent. July 13 2015

Breaking news that the single CD (without components) should be getting to the fulfilment company on Wednesday, so it's possible some may be delivered by the end of the week, or certainly by the beginning of next week - depending on what other items you may have ordered. The CDs with components (the double & box version) may take a little longer to put together, and we'll bring you an...

Back catalogue postage July 04 2015

In order to synchronize postage options, all the back catalogue (which was previously free postage to the UK or 'International Shipping' elsewhere) is now part of the same 'fixed rate' shipping method as the 'Anti Nasty League' range of products. To offset this extra postage, prices have been reduced. This is an ideal opportunity to get back catalogue stuff cheap if you have an Anti Nasty League order waiting to...

Update June 26 2015

Thanks everyone for your patience in waiting for your Anti Nasty League items. The delay is frustrating beyond belief. We keep being told the pressings are going ahead then we get queries about the packaging of the inserts, the shrinkwrapping, the revised costings, the whereabouts of this or that, the destinations and delivery's not rock 'n roll as we know it! I'm pushing on a daily basis to get...


ANTI NASTY LEAGUE UPDATE: CDs/VINYL:The Designers Republic artwork has been sent to the printers, so we are possibly 2-3 weeks away from delivery of CDs, vinyl might be slightly longer. TEES & JE SUIS CRABBI items will be ready by the end of the week and with us on tour. So if you pre-ordered and are coming to a gig, bring your order confirmation with you. (If you want them...