Anti Nasty League Pre-Order. It's On! April 24 2015

Anti Nasty League, the new Pop Will Eat Itself studio album is now available for pre-order right here. This is a physical release ONLY - but don't fret, that doesn't mean you can't listen to it digitally as each purchase automatically triggers a download notification. So although the physical CD will not arrive for 3-4 weeks - once the funds for manufacture have been accrued - you will be able to listen to the album's main tracks immediately, as mp3s. Or for the deluxe option, flac files and mp3s.

There are 3 versions of CD or red coloured vinyl to choose from. Record Store Day has hogged all the vinyl factories the world, so vinyl will take longer to arrive unfortunately.

To hear a taster of the album, go here.

Please check out Crabbi's solo venture Je Suis Crabbi too.


After any multiple order email with the code P&P-REF1 and a 10% discount will be credited to your account. If a JSC item is added or is part of your multiple order you will get 15% off the Je Suis Crabbi items - just email with the code PWEI10-JSC15 and the discounts will be credited to your account .

Unfortunately we cannot apply discounts to International orders that include the hoodie.

Charitable Donation: PWEI is giving 5% of all the merchandise profits from the Anti Nasty League campaign to Shelter. We raised over £800 for them last year, thanks to your support for the Watch The Bitch Blow campaign. Let's hope we can top that up.

Capped postage: P&P (up to 2kg) is fixed at the following rates;

UK £4.95
Europe £6.95
Rest of the World £8.95

For orders over 2kg in weight, please email us @