Back catalogue postage July 04 2015

In order to synchronize postage options, all the back catalogue (which was previously free postage to the UK or 'International Shipping' elsewhere) is now part of the same 'fixed rate' shipping method as the 'Anti Nasty League' range of products. To offset this extra postage, prices have been reduced.

This is an ideal opportunity to get back catalogue stuff cheap if you have an Anti Nasty League order waiting to be delivered. Your fixed rate postage remains the same, so you'll benefit from the reduction in back catalogue prices. We will amalgamate postage costs if you have made separate orders, drop us a line at if this applies to you, or leave a message with your next order.

We asked the pressing plant for an update on Friday (yesterday) but didn't get a reply. We will try again Monday.

Thanks for your support as always,