Name In Credits May 13 2015

Artwork almost ready to go to print. So last chance for Name In Credits option. Deadline noon today. Thanks! PWEI

Hoodie April 25 2015

Unfortunately we cannot apply discounts to International orders that include the hoodie.

International Shipping April 24 2015

Separate fixed cost P&P applies to the Anti Nasty League campaign. You will not require International Shipping. Purchases outside of the Anti Nasty League campaign will still require International shipping for those outside of the UK.

USA/Australia April 24 2015

Customers from the USA/Canada and Australia/New Zealand will be able to purchase from their local distribution channels very soon. You are still welcome to purchase from here, but postage will be more expensive. You can counter that by taking advantage of the capped P&P for multiple orders, or wait a few days until the distribution is set up. We will make distribution announcements from here and our Facebook/Twitter. UK orders...

Anti Nasty League Pre-Order. It's On! April 24 2015

Anti Nasty League, the new Pop Will Eat Itself studio album is now available for pre-order right here. This is a physical release ONLY - but don't fret, that doesn't mean you can't listen to it digitally as each purchase automatically triggers a download notification. So although the physical CD will not arrive for 3-4 weeks - once the funds for manufacture have been accrued - you will be able...

Slight change in times to the Je Suis Crabbi gig on March 14th. February 25 2015

7:30 - Doors7:30 - DJ King Jules the Excellent One8:15 - 9:00 upcoming local punk heroes AMI.9:15 - 10:00 DJ Graham Crabb10:15 - 10:50 Crabbi Live PA10:50 - 12:00 DJ King Jules the Excellent OneThere is a midnight curfew for live entertainment, but the bar will be open until 3am with music chosen by Jules & Crabbi. See you there!

Stock Added / Xmas discount. October 24 2014

All the stock we have, which was previously available at PWEI gigs and through Firebrand is now available via the shop. Up until Xmas & in fact till 31st December, there is a 20% discount off ALL orders over £20. The discount code is 70QMCA5A1ZVX Enjoy!

More stock added September 26 2014

Hi folks, Eventually we've got round to adding all the PWEI stock we have left. So stock that was previously available through Firebrand and Pledgemusic is now available here. I think most people know by now we've put the new album back to Feb 2015. With the Australian trip we would have been short on time to promote the album, so it's better this way. Hope you're not too disappointed...

backtostourbridge tees final run now available August 18 2014

There was  a lot of excitement about our backtostourbridge tees. 100 were made available at the gig and they flew out in minutes. We had promised to make some available online so have 50 grey and 50 red only. They arrive at the distributors on Wednesday so you should receive them soon after. Price includes VAT & P&P. Thanks & enjoy! PWEI X

CDs June 25 2014

Latest from the factory is that CDs should arrive at distribution a week tomorrow (July 3rd). You should hopefully have them a day or two after that. Thank you all! PWEI X

Tees June 24 2014

Yay, good news. The tees will be arriving at our 3rd party P&P company on Friday. They have said they will get them out a.s.a.p. so you should have them by early next week! Thank you for your patience all. Peace, PWEI

Manufacturing June 20 2014

Thanks again to all who have bought from the new online shop. We've had a few emails and comments off people concerned about having paid but not got their goods yet. This is probably our fault for not explaining properly how the order fulfillment works. First of all, we have to see how many people are interested in purchasing the goods on offer. Once we are convinced there is enough...