The CD June 12 2014

The CD has now expanded slightly and will contain an insert to accommodate all the credits and necessary info etc.

Name In Credits Offer June 10 2014

Thanks to all those who have taken up this latest offer. We don't want to hang around too much after the Plegemusic fiasco, so we shall be ending this offer on Sunday evening (the 15th) so we can get to the manufacturers and get you CDs by the first week of July hopefully. Cheers all, PWEI

Love to the guinea pigs. June 05 2014

Thanks for visiting & helping us sort out the teething problems before we announce the store is open. Problem 1 - Two people were charged £5 shipping when they shouldn't have been. I have been in contact & refunded 1 person, waiting to hear from the other. That problem is now fixed. Problem 2 - Addresses were being rejected. I think this was due to the shipping box being active,...

Welcome, PWEI heads! May 30 2014

Welcome to Shop Will Eat Itself, PWEI's official online store. We're launching with 2 products from the Reclaim the Game (Funk FIFA) campaign: A limited edition 11-track CD single, with 5 song versions, 6 remixes. A brand new Designers Republic PWEI tee-shirt, in the style of a football shirt, based on the classic Brazilian colour scheme. Back print is BNegão 14. We'll add more stuff in time, but to get...