JE SUIS CRABBI Deluxe Digipak CDx2 - Signed, messaged, numbered, limited edition (200)

£14.99 is the Je Suis Crabbi debut ep - available as a physical release only.


    Unavailable on iTunes, Spotify or any digital/streaming platform.
    Five brand new tracks in various formats, listed below.

    Full colour art on 2xCD digipak sleeve featuring all lyrics.
    Limited Edition Number (1-200 listed in order of purchase)
    Data CD of audio loops/stems for all 5 tracks.
    Signed by Crabbi
    Set of 4 colour stickers


      1) Bonophobic - audio track  2) Pouring Perfume on a Pig - audio track   3) Bend over Boris - audio track    
4) Big Mouth Wanker - audio track    5) Uptalk - audio track     

      6) Bonophobic - spoken word version     7) Pouring Perfume on a Pig - spoken word version   8) Bend over Boris - spoken word version   
9) Big Mouth Wanker - spoken word version  
10) Uptalk - spoken word version  

      11) Bonophobic - instrumental    12) Pouring Perfume on a Pig - instrumental  13) Bend over Boris - instrumental   14) Big Mouth Wanker - instrumental     
15) Uptalk - instrumental 

      Audio loops/stems in wav format on Data CD



      Sold Out

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